August 29, 2019 2 min read

Once they really get into the scene, most vapers ask some variation of this question:

How long does my e-liquid last?

Maybe you’re going through your Tokyo Chocolate Banana juice like crazy. Maybe you want to buy enough Strawberry Mochi juice to last for a week-long trip.

Whatever the reason, you want to know how long e-liquid lasts.

How Long Does 30ml E-Liquid Last?

30ml bottles are our most popular product, so that’s the amount we’ll work with here. If your bottle is bigger or smaller, you can extrapolate based off of this discussion.

Because really, we can’t give you an exact answer, as it’s going to vary based on how often you vape.

If you’re a chain vaper? A 30 ml e-liquid bottle isn’t going to last you much longer than a week, while a regular vaper would expect it last roughly a month. If you don’t vape every day, or if you only vape for a very short period of time, you should be able to see you need a refill long before you do. But you can safely expect it to last longer than a month. 

Is It OK to Vape Expired E-Liquid?

 Usually, when people ask, “How long does e-liquid last?” they’re asking how much time it takes for a person to vape all of that juice. However, if you’re more of an infrequent vaper, the question might be reversed: how much time do I have to vape all that juice? Does it expire? And if so, is it OK to vape expired juice?

The answer is: we don’t really know whether or not it’s safe to drink expired e-liquid.

Here’s what we do know. Old e-liquid changes its consistency, loses its nicotine, and doesn’t taste quite right. So there’s no reason why you should vape older e-liquid.

Buying Enough E-Liquid to Last a Few Weeks? Need to Replace Your Expired E-Liquid?

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