August 29, 2019 2 min read

This is one of the most common questions vapers have. After all, you’re excited to get a vape. It’s a great way to get off cigarettes, and you’ve been told the flavor is better. You’ve found the flavor you want and you’re getting used to the experience.

Then, suddenly, you ask the question: Why does my vape taste burnt?

As a new vaper, you probably don’t know what to do. One of two things happened. Below you’ll learn the potential causes, as well as the solution.

It’s Time to Change the Coil!

Coils need to be changed pretty regularly. For chain vapers, this can mean you need to change your coil every week (or even more frequently, if you’re not careful; we cover that in the next section). For more casual vapers, the coil needs to be changed monthly, or even a little less often.

But the point is: you can’t vape with the same coil forever.

You Didn’t Prime the Coil Correctly 

Sometimes, you’ll get that burnt taste even though you just changed the coil. This is frustrating, since it means you just wasted money burning a coil you didn’t get to use. Some people think the problem is with the coil manufacturer. Occasionally, that may be the case.

But the more likely answer is that you didn’t prime your coil correctly. In most situations, your coil will be made of cotton and metal. When you put a new coil in, you need to wait before taking a hit. This way, the coil has time to soak up the juices that you’re smoking. Without this waiting time, the cotton will burn. That’s where the burnt taste comes from.

If you don’t want to wait too long, there’s a trick to start vaping faster. Before you install your coil, you should drip juice onto the cotton itself. Don’t leave any spot of it dry. On the top and the sides, drench it in as much juice as you can. That’ll douse the coil faster, which in turn will reduce your waiting time.

So What Should You Do?

You need to replace the coil! It sucks to lose the coil, but a replacement will make your vaping experience much, much better. Once you’ve installed your new coil, you’ll be ready to sample one of our e-liquid juices, like the Matcha Cake or the Grape Escape.

We’re a world-class e-liquid manufacturer, creating juice for some of your favorite brands. Why shop with the middleman when you can shop with the best?

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