What’s on The Market for E-Liquid Vaporizers?

August 18, 2019 2 min read



Vaporizers come in many sizes, shapes, and hardware differences. Some of the most commonly seen e-liquid vapes include a box-mod that delivers a punch because it’s mighty. These types of vaporizers do have the option for more customizations, but the downside of that is refilling liquids frequently and changing the hardware. As a bonus, if you’re into doing tricks with large amounts of vapor, this is the mechanism to use.




These are the simplest form of vaporizers and requires little to no effort to use. They’re small and discreet; perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to make a big fuss out of their vaping habits. The benefit to pods is that their lightweight, relatively cheap, provide massive nicotine hits, and incredible flavors.


They resemble traditional cigarettes and seem to be the fan-favorite for heavy smokers making the initial jump into the world of vaping. Pods are straightforward, offering little to no customizations. They are relatively new to the vaping scene — best for using nicotine salts, which provide high quantities of nicotine without the intense taste.




The way that tanks work is through attaching the tank containing e-liquid to the vaporizer and heat the liquid to produce vapor. The flavor produced can be diminished because the nicotine has to travel through the device to get to you.


This attachment is much more customizable to the users liking, and although that is a huge benefit, it prevents it from being easily hidden in public. If you don’t mind having to carry it around, it’s relatively large although it is still portable.




As one of the more advanced techniques, this vaporizer is geared more toward veteran vape smokers. A dripper offers an experience unlike any other! Instead of having a whole tank of liquid being heated to draw vapor, the dripper only drops a single dose onto the coil. That dose can last for several hits and provides a robust flavor.


More often than not, they’re not utilized daily. It’s more of indulgence while not substituting your everyday devices. This machine is not for any beginner to tackle, but it is a treat to have once you’ve mastered it!

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